Turqouise Ringneck Parrots Available For Sale

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Ringneck Parrot For Sale – Most but not all, when we put parrots on a free standing perch, they would often learn how to poop on a verbal command typically bombs away. Ringnecks are our speciality and we ship out our birds to all 50 states in the USA and internationally. We ensure that all our parrots receive lifetime instructions and support.

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Health guarantee 

Your parrot is guaranteed, until it reaches 12 months of age, against hereditary defects that result in severe impairment or need for euthanization. In such cases, your parrot will be replaced with a parrot of equal value as soon as availability permits and as long as we exist. 

Breed information
Green Indian Ringneck Parrots Available For Sale

100% Refunds 

You can return your parrot to us after purchase and also ask for another in exchange. Usually, commercial hard plastic kennel cabs are the standard container for shipping. We only use airline approved kennels that are darkened to help eliminate stress during the flight.